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Welcome to our fundraising page. We wish to thank you for your support. Please browse through our fundraising projects. Your purchase proceeds will support our effort to raise funds for one of these projects.

Please note that BuyMyLemonade.com provide our students the opportunity to sell their own products. This unique platform supports our student in learning key real-world business skills, such as:

- online sales and marketing
- entrepreneurship and financial literacy
- creative thinking and social responsibility

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10000000128 Babrie
  • $9.00
10000000132 Crayola
  • $5.00
10000000133 Dork book
  • $25.00
10000000130 DS
  • $30.00
10000000131 Nintendo DS games
  • $40.00
10000000129 Teddy Bear
  • $15.00