About us

BuyMyLemonade.com was founded with two main missions in mind:

  1. We wish to convert 44 million K-12 students who live in North America into 44 million young entrepreneurs.
  2. We wish to help schools, sport teams and youth related organizations to enhance their fundraising campaigns, reduce their fundraising activities costs and increase their overall fundraising intake.

BuyMylemonade.com is shaping generations of young entrepreneurial leaders. We utilize the power of conscious capitalism for positive change, and we are committed to shaping the world with an optimistic, opportunistic and entrepreneurship spirit.

We are a community of K-12 students, supported by academic and business leaders who are using entrepreneurial action to create a better, more sustainable ecosystem for children.

BuyMyLemonade.com was founded by group of experienced entrepreneurs who wish to do well by doing good. We promote social project for the benefits of our partners, stakeholders and users.

We are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and serving the world.

From the media


BuyMyLemonade Unveils Partnerships.

BuyMyLemonade Unveils Partnerships.

Common good solutions

Buy My Lemonade Teaches Youth eCommerce, Flips Fundraising on its Head.

Buy My Lemonade Teaches Youth eCommerce, Flips Fundraising on its Head.

East valley ventures

BuyMyLemonade Unveils Partnerships

BuyMyLemonade Unveils Partnerships

Innovacorp I-3 competition

BuyMyLemonade gets to second round at the I-3 competition.

Propel ICT Demo Day 2015

BuyMyLemonade pitch at Propel ICT Demo Day 2015


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